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Younger Next Year

The authors of Younger Next Year boldly claim you can turn back your biological clock. By following their suggestions, a person in their sixties or seventies can be fitter and healthier than they were in their fifties. The book is … Continue reading

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The Power of Ritual

We humans are social beings. We need connection to survive and thrive. The trouble is we’re not getting enough of it these days. One of the cruelest effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it separates us from the people … Continue reading

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You can die of loneliness.  It’s not just poetic sentiment, it’s a medical fact.  Research shows that lack of social connection is just as hazardous to life expectancy as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Humans are social beings.  We are … Continue reading

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We Don’t Say Goodbye Anymore

A while ago I was watching an episode of Murdoch Mysteries, a detective series set in Toronto in the late 1890’s. At the end of the episode our hero, Detective William Murdoch, says goodbye to the visiting Egyptologist who was … Continue reading

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