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In Richard Powers’ latest novel, Bewilderment, astrobiologist Theo Byrne is a single father struggling to raise his nine-year-old son Robin. Robin himself struggles with emotional turmoil for which there’s no clear diagnosis. “So far the votes are two Asperger’s, one probable … Continue reading

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Ever Green

Forests are special places. Walking through a forest — I don’t do this often enough — makes me feel calmer and more alive at the same time. My senses seem more alert or maybe more receptive. And I know they’re … Continue reading

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The Ministry for the Future

It’s the year 2024. After most nations fail to meet their commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement, delegates to the annual Conference of the Parties (COP) create a “subsidiary body” to defend and protect future generations of citizens and all … Continue reading

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A World on the Wing

I’ve been reading some pretty heavy stuff lately; books about the rise of tyranny around the world and some godawful decisions coming out of the US Supreme Court. I needed to take a break, read something a little more uplifting. … Continue reading

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West Virginia v. EPA: Major Questions, Major Troubles

Just one week after striking down the right to abortion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the US Supreme Court has now severely restricted the government’s ability to fight climate change. I think the Court’s decision in West Virginia … Continue reading

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How the World Really Works

Global climate change is an unprecedented challenge for the world.  To meet the challenge, we need to make unprecedented changes in the ways we live, work, produce, and consume.   In a new book called How the World Really Works: … Continue reading

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I was on vacation last week and took one of my periodic side trips into fiction. Greenwood, by Canadian writer Michael Christie, is a novel about family and trees and the relationship between them. It spans four generations of the … Continue reading

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Entangled Life

When the author of this book about fungi started describing his participation in experiments involving LSD, I wondered if it was going to be a different sort of book than I was expecting. The author is Merlin Sheldrake, a biologist … Continue reading

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The Big Switch

I’m only halfway through the book I’m reading, so this week I’m writing about a podcast instead. The Big Switch is a terrific podcast about how we switch to a net zero carbon economy to help slow down climate change. … Continue reading

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Around the World in 80 Trees

Starting from London and zigzagging in an easterly direction, Jonathan Drori takes us on a grand tour visiting 80 of the world’s most interesting and exotic trees. Literally Around the World in 80 Trees. The book is printed on heavy … Continue reading

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