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Hurricane Lizards and Plastic Squid

We know that climate change is having a devastating impact on our planet: rising sea levels, more intense forest fires, more frequent and more powerful storms. We also know that many plant and animal species are going extinct or suffering … Continue reading

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Mozart’s Starling

On the 27th of May 1784, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wandered into a Vienna pet shop not far from his home and heard a starling singing a near-perfect imitation of a theme from his Piano Concerto No. 17 in G major … Continue reading

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A World on the Wing

I’ve been reading some pretty heavy stuff lately; books about the rise of tyranny around the world and some godawful decisions coming out of the US Supreme Court. I needed to take a break, read something a little more uplifting. … Continue reading

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Wintering: A Season With Geese

Over the last couple of years I’ve got into the habit of taking a walk through my neighborhood each evening. On weekends I go for longer walks in a large park a few miles from my home. I suppose it’s … Continue reading

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Swainson’s Thrush

They’re back! Swainson’s Thrush have returned to the North Cascades forests. I’m not a birdwatcher – glasses too thick – so I’ve never seen this bird close enough to identify it by color or markings. But I sure have heard … Continue reading

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