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The Chemistry of Burning Stuff

Whenever we burn fossil fuels, be it gasoline, natural gas or charcoal, one of the byproducts is carbon dioxide ( CO2). That’s a big worry these days because the huge amounts of carbon dioxide we’re putting into the atmosphere is … Continue reading

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Supreme Court puts Obama’s Clean Power Plan on hold

On February 9, the Supreme Court issued a “stay” blocking implementation of the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan rules that aim to cut CO2 emissions from the nation’s power plants until challenges to the regulations can be heard by the … Continue reading

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Big World Small Planet

Big World Small Planet: Abundance within Planetary BoundariesBy Johan Rockström and Mattias KlumYale University Press, New Haven, Conn., 2015 Are we doomed?  Have we messed up the Earth beyond all hope?  News reports about the environment would sure make you … Continue reading

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The End of Night

The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial LightBy Paul BogardBack Bay Books/Little Brown & Co., New York, 2013 If Vincent Van Gough were alive today he couldn’t possibly paint The Starry Night. That’s because … Continue reading

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