2019 Recap: A Meta-Post

photo of fireworks

Photo by Anna-Louise on Pexels.com

New Year’s Eve seems like a fitting occasion for a meta-post; a post about posts.

Looking back over 2019, I wrote 19 posts.  Coincidence?  They break down into these categories:

  • Management & personal development: 4
  • Environment & energy: 4
  • Personal reflections: 3
  • Computers, science & technology: 2
  • Fiction: 2
  • History; 1
  • Politics: 1
  • Law & justice: 1
  • Miscellaneous:  1

My interests are pretty broad, but they’ve certainly shifted towards environment and energy, especially in that last half of the year.  I expect that to continue in 2020.  Being an election year here in the US, I imagine I’ll post more in the politics category too.

19 posts is pretty small output compared to lots of other bloggers, so I’m going to try step it up next year.

As always, thanks very much for reading!

Happy 2020!

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