State-wide Blackout in South Australia

Yesterday the entire state of South Australia, about 1.5 times the area of Texas, suffered an electricity blackout due to a severe storm that knocked out major transmission lines.

downed-tower-state-wide-network-event-965x369Photo: Electranet Network Services

Here’s an interesting report on the causes of the outage.

Blackout Explainer: sorting through the spin

SA gets about 40% of its electricity from renewable energy sources, especially wind.  Blaming renewables for the power failure, as some people are doing, including Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, is wrong-headed.  Instead power grids, including ours here in the US need to be more resilient.  I think this needs to include greater decentralization of both generation and storage capacity.

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SA Power Networks, which distributes electricity to residential and commercial customers throughout South Australia

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