Tim Tams at Safeway!

You can now get Tim Tams at Safeway!  My wife brought home four packages this afternoon. 

For those of you unfortunate enough never to have sampled the exquisite Tim Tam, let me just say that they are without question the best cookie in the world.  Physically they’re a layer of chocolate cream sandwiched between two rectangular chocolate biscuits, all covered in an outer layer of milk chocolate.  Though I’m not a huge chocolate fan, Tim Tams are just awesome. 

Until recently they’ve been available only in Australia, or in specialty shops that import Australian fare.  Apparently, they’re now available in North America for a limited time. 

Now I should caveat this by saying the Tim Tams at Safeway bear the Pepperidge Farm label, not the original Arnott’s.  And while the taste & texture are very close, they’re not exactly the same as the Arnott’’s Tim Tams you get in Australia. 

Still, they’re pretty darn good!  Get ‘em while supplies last.

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1 Response to Tim Tams at Safeway!

  1. Harry DF2 says:

    Tim Tam’s are the best!


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