Intelligent voters

It appears the good voters of the town of Dover, Pa., have more intelligence than their school board which has embroiled the town in a divisive debate and an expensive lawsuit over the teaching of intelligent design in Dover classrooms.  Voters have ousted all eight members of the school board who were running for re-election.  Report here.
Meanwhile, televangelist and former presidential candidate Pat Robertson, who last August called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has warnd the people of Dover that they should not count on God’s help in the event of a natural disaster striking their town.  Account here.
For some excellent writing on the so-called debate about evolution and  intelligent design, I highly recommend the Intelligent Thought section of The Edge.   I particularly like The Case Against Intelligent Design, by Jerry Coyne, and, for sheer elegance, Marcelo Gleiser’s Who Designed the Designer?
It’s really appaling that  this "debate" is even taking place, especially in the so-called most advanced nation on Earth. 
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